Latta 2l - Olio Verde Matematico

Pure Olive Juice

A niche product, an oil with intense olfactory and gustatory category with a great value, a raw material with a nutritional and sensory quality which is, beside its tickleing aroma and taste, a source of health and longevity.

A are and precious extravirgin olive oil, a limited selection, the result of a blend of refined and so much care at all stages of production. Thanks to the extraordinary fertility of the soil, cultivation and harvesting methods, the immediate passage to the mill for cold extraction, which VERDE MATEMATICO can be defined as a perfect oil, to the best of its quality, and absolutely excellent nutritional properties.

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From harvest olives to bottling, the extra virgin olive oil VERDE MATEMATICO is completely handcrafted. An integrated cold pressing, made within few hours after collection, that allows to get an excellent extra virgin olive oil, fruity, fragrant, rich in polyphenols and particularly balanced in its bitter and piquant components. In this way you get a food of the highest quality, with a great value, with the low degree of acidity and the rare organoleptic and sensory characteristic. Intended to delight the most discerning palate.

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